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Park Hyoshin - Gift

While I don't mean to splurge with four articles in one day, (technically one day at the time I'm writing this), just listening to the first track of 'Gift, Part 1' by the out-of-hiatus Park Hyoshin gives me the goosebumps.

Track listing:

01. Gift 
02. 사랑한 후에 (Saranghan Hooyae - After I Love) 
03. 널바라기 (Nuhl Barahgee - Want You)
04. 이상하다 (Eesang hada - It's Strange)
05. 이름 모를 새 (Eereum moreul sae - Nameless Bird)
06. Deja-vu 
07. 사랑한 후에 - Instrumental (Saranghan Hooyae - After I Love [Instrumental]) 
08. Deja-vu - Piano Mix Ver.
I'm not going to go through too much detail since I'm rushing this at the moment, but I'll let the music do the talking (because it really is that good).


사랑한 후에:

There's actually a pretty hefty 13 minute MV (split into two parts) of his second track, 사랑한 후에, available along with the 5 minute version, which I genuinely urge you to watch as well. Really, the budget (2.5 million dollars) and production value of this is truly hard to believe, but makes it such a grandiose sight to behold.

사랑한 후에 (Long Ver.):

I really hope it does well, because the more attention these type of lesser-glorified artists get, the better.

Source: allkpop (1)(2)


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