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Time To Love (TTL) MV - T-ara, Supernova

If you're like me and have gotten tired of that drone of "Gul Ji Mal"s from T-ara's most recent hit, 'Lies', then you're probably going to enjoy this new collaboration of the recently debuted girl group with 2-year veterans Supernova.

'TTL', or 'Time to Love', is the name of the track featured in this recently released MV, promising a notable shift in style to more traditional electronica. While I don't know much more about it, the song provides a much more melodic tune than that of 'Lies', with that catchy hip-hop beat.


Personally, I like it a lot more than the other songs I've heard so far from T-ara. I was kinda hoping for this change in direction as well, since I've yet to see their potential in other styles as well.

Source: allkpop


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