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Wonder Girls Bio Videos

Well, I never thought I would be posting about the Wonder Girls, but here I am. I guess it's because of their popularity on both the Korean and foreign scene that everyone has to like them at one point.

Anyways, in case you're a die-hard WG fan, or you just have nothing else to do (like me), you can watch these interesting short bio videos on each of the members. Included are also commentary from 2PM members Taecyeon and Nickhun (who sound really uncomfortable by the way). Interestingly enough, 2PM's recently deported leader, Jaebeom, is missing in Sohee, Yubin, and Yenny's videos, so that's really quite unfortunate (I guess).

Oh yeah, you may have to turn your volume a tad bit up though, since the audio work on these videos seem really inconsistent.

Sun Ye:





Oh yeah, the five of them will be hosting a live Facebook webchat on Monday September 14, 7-8PM EST.
I don't plan on attending, but it's good to know that these artists are doing so much fan service, which I think more groups should follow suit (SNSD live chat please?).

Nobody nobody but chuu~

Credit: wondergirls (yt)
Source: Soompi


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