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New Girl Group: HAM - Heart & Mind

I really don't know what to make of this, since the recent wave of new female groups is starting to tire me. Not too long ago I already mentioned two new groups making their way onto the K-Pop scene by the end of this month, and this not including f(x)'s debut a few weeks previously. Though here we are again, and yet another group of hopefuls are trying their hand at fame.

HAM, or Heart & Mind, will consist of four members, one of them being Chinese. They've just recently released a teaser for their upcoming debut title, T.T Dance, (no comment on the title as well) which promises a catchy tune and upbeat style. They seem to have that J-Pop vibe to them as well (in my honest opinion).

T.T Dance Teaser:

Not that this group doesn't look promising, it's just that my fanboyism has its limits as well, which I feel are being more than tested at the moment.

Source: allkpop(1)(2)


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