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Two New Girl Groups; Lady Collection, Secret

Oh wow, as if there weren't too many of these already allkpop has to go ahead and report that there will be not one, but two new girl groups debuting quite soon.

The first YG Entertainment sponsored group, 'Lady Collection', is a trio of vocal members, one of them being Jieun (JC) who debuted 2 years ago. Their first mini-album is set to release on the 17th of September.

I really don't have much to comment on other than that if YG will stay away (far away) from their 2NE1 concept, I'm fine. Really, they need strong vocalists right now and if this group can pass on the autotune I think YG may have something here.

The second of two, deemed 'Secret', will consist of four members, one of them being Jun Hyo Sung; a recent winner of the audition show "Battle Shinhwa". It is planned that from September 9th on, more members will be gradually revealed, and that on the 21st, the group will be introduced by a reality show titled "Secret Story".

Now this group I really don't know much about other than the aforementioned member being an '88. They seem to be debuting in a similar manner that SNSD did about 2 years ago now, with their 'Girls Go To School' having the same concept.

Honestly I really don't need any more groups to follow. After f(x) just recently debuting, and 4minute making their comeback there's already enough to cover. This is not counting B2ST too, who are pending to make their appearance on the scene in September as well.

You know all this news is making me think of just being a full-time Sone, hopefully they will prove me otherwise.

Source: allkpop (1)(2)


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