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Aside from K-Pop, there are other things to watch at the really late hours at night, one of them being Starcraft. This guide here will hopefully cover all you need to know for following the Starcraft pro-scene, much in the same way as the K-Pop scheduling chronicled previously. First there are several different accounts on LiveStream that stream games; it's a toss-up between which channel gets the games up and running first. Most of the information about the games can be found on Team Liquid, including who is playing, what time, and player statistics. These streams are live so there is usually no English commentary available (if you understand Korean at 1000wpm then you're set though), although for the really hyped events there are English casters available (GOM tournaments are an exception, because they have their own professional English caster). If you really insist on not listening to Korean commentary, I will probably have a post on different alternatives available later on.

Credit to Konadora, orange TV, and SC2GG for the streams.

Okay, now for the vitals:

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August 2009
September 2009

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2. OrangeTV Stream

3. SC2GG Stream (English Cast)

4. Mystlord's Stream


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