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SBS Inkigayo (September 6th, 2009) - Highlights

Alright, I decided to do one of these recaps today anyways, mainly because it has been quite a slow news day for the most part. This week's Inkigayo lineup featured f(x)'s first debut on the show, the return of TRAX, and a new CF song from Kara.

Though not as strong as their opening performance on Music Core, f(x)'s appearance on Inkigayo also saw the return of front flips and tomboy rapping with their 'Lachata'. They have a long way to go but they've definitely showed that they are capable of a solid live show.

They also hosted their first fan meeting after the performance, drawing in 500 supporters to boot.

I'm not covering 4minute because they've yet to show me anything other than their ability to abuse a specific computer program *ahem* autotune *ahem*.

Aside from performing 'Mister' on yesterday's stage, Kara also brought along their rendition of the 'Blue Sky, Clear city along with Public Transportation' CF, previously endorsed by F.T. Island. Quite cute, and it's for a good cause (I guess).

This week also saw the return of TRAX onto the music scene, after their 3-year-or-so hiatus. Accompanied by Air, a relatively new rock group, the performed 'Fate', which I didn't think sounded bad at all. Aside from F.T. Island, I don't know if there's any other really popular K-rock group, so with this performance those starving for a change of pace may have some salvation.

In other news, 2NE1 performed 'Pretty Boy' instead of their previously promoted 'I don't care' for Inki. In my anti-2ne1 opinion, I didn't mind that they were muted on the stream I was watching yesterday (though quite a few weren't as supportive of this), as 'I don't care' is probably the only good song in that album (sans excessive autotune please).

If you've followed the trend for the past week or so, you might have noticed that G-Dragon has been dominating most of its competition thoroughly. Well, unlike how last week had unexpectedly placed Kara in the winner's spotlight, this week was taken non-surprisingly by the Big Bang soloist himself with "Heartbreaker". Will anything stop all these screaming fan-girls from making GD such a one-sided vote?

Well this ended up being just a consolidation of most of the major stories relating to Inki. It's better than splitting them I guess. Anyways, next week most likely only Music Core and Inkigayo for me (due to school, sadly), hopefully we'll have a winner that isn't named 'G-Dragon'.


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