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HinT - Passion's Generation

I know I've meant to steadily reduce my posting lately and only post schedules, but just that I won't forget for next week, I'll post this one anyways. HinT, a new mixed-gender trio (2 male rappers, 1 female singer), debuted recently with the MV for their debut song, "Passion's Generation". They've also made their premier appearances on both MNET Countdown and KBS Music Bank.

Passion's Generation MV:

MNET Countdown Performance:

KBS Music Bank Performance:

Their style really reminds of 8eight, of which I'm a big fan of. Can't wait until their single album is released on September 25th, because the last time I heard anything similar was when 8eight's Golden Age came out.

Credit: urasiansourceKpop (yt)
Source: allkpop


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