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Shinhan Proleague 08-09 All-Stars

It's that time of year again. The time when you the viewers get to decide the players participating in the 18-player vanity tournament set to take place on September 27th at 12:00am EST. Personally I would like to have a Boxer comeback as much as anyone else, but with so many players available to choose, how could you possibly decide on only one?

Player List:
SK Telecom T1: (T)BoxeR (T)fantasy (Z)Hyuk (Z)Thezerg (P)Bisu (P)BeSt
Hwaseung OZ: (T)Lomo (T)HiyA (Z)Jaedong (Z)ggaemo (P)BackHo (P)PerfectMan
STX: (T)Hwasin (T)Bogus (Z)Calm (Z)by.hero (P)Kal (P)Shuttle
hite: (T)Leta (T)Justin (Z)YellOw[ArnC] (Z)type-b (P)Horang2 (P)HakSoo
CJ: (T)Iris (T)sKyHigh (Z)sAviOr (Z)EffOrt (P)Much (P)Movie
Samsung KHAN: (T)firebathero (T)Miracle (Z)great (Z)oDin (P)Stork (P)JangBi
KT: (T)Flash (T)fOrGG (Z)Luxury (Z)815 (P)Violet (P)Tempest
Woongjin Stars: (T)PianO (T)MVP (Z)ZerO (Z)Crazy-Hydra(...) (P)free (P)GuemChi
MBC: (T)Sea (T)Light (Z)HyuN (Z)Shark (P)Pusan (P)Jaehoon
eSTRO: (T)UpMaGiC (T)Really (Z)hyvaa (Z)Haran (P)Tester (P)SangHo
Air Force ACE: (T)Casy (T)RuBy (Z)YellOw (Z)GoRush (P)Reach (P)Anytime
WeMade FOX: (T)NaDa (T)Mind (Z)RorO (Z)Shine (P)Pure (P)Rock
Luckily, you can vote as many times as you want following this guide on Team Liquid, as long as you're willing to sift through a few pages of Korean. Voting ends on September 18th, and results will be posted on September 21st.
How to register for KeSPA official site and vote for the players in 12(13) EASY steps. (Most of it's in English anyway):
1. Go to
2. At the top middle, click "Join"
3. Click "Foreigner: Overseas", tick the box on the bottom and click "proceed to the next stage"
4. Fill out the information (It's in English. Don't tick the last box unless you want KeSPA to spam your mail)
5. Click OK then OK again when the popup comes up.
6. Hit OK again (Don't tick) and OK on the popup.
7. You'll be redirected to the main page. Click login at top middle and Log in.
8. Go to
9. You'll see a HUGE banner. On the left there are four tabs. Click on the 2nd one.
10. You'll see a bunch of terran players' pictures. Tick two.
11. Then click Zerg. Tick two. Protoss. Tick two.
12. At the bottom, click on the left orange button. It should say your name on the popup (See Note). If it does, you've done it! if not, log in again and try again. The blue button on the right shows you the results so far! GO TL RIG THE VOTES NOW!
13. You can make more than one account, so log out and start from step 1 to vote 124907124091274140947214 times!
I'm liking the current results as of now, (Hyuk being in contention baffles me though). The high chance of Boxer appearing in the tournament makes me even more hyped for this event.

As of September 2nd, 12:00pm EST
1. (T)Flash 676 18.58%
2. (T)BoxeR 614 16.88%
3. (T)fantasy 561 15.42%
4. (T)Leta 283 7.78%
5. (T)Hwasin 231 6.35%
1. (Z)Jaedong 785 21.58%
2. (Z)YellOw 634 17.43%
3. (Z)sAviOr 512 14.07%
4. (Z)Calm 267 7.34%
5. (Z)Hyuk 244 6.71%
1. (P)Bisu 915 25.15%
2. (P)Stork 631 17.34%
3. (P)BeSt 402 11.05%
4. (P)Reach 295 8.11%
5. (P)JangBi 174 4.78%
Source: Team Liquid
Credit: l10f


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