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Navi Feature

It seems to me that with this current influx of girl groups, some of the most talented solo singers are receiving as much attention as they should. One of these said singers includes Ahn Ji-ho, otherwise known as Navi, to which I think is a shame that her songs haven't received as much publicity as its quality garners.

Since debuting in April of 2008 with her single, "I Love You", she has released one other hit song, "Heart Damage" featuring Crown J, which were both relatively similar in style. As of now though, Navi's promoting her new dance track titled "Wasteful Tears"; a collaboration between herself and 4minute's Hyuna.

I'll post the three main songs for you guys to listen to. I'm sure you'll agree that she's definitely underrated.

I Love You


Heart Damage


Wasteful Tears


Thanks to a good friend for showing me how great these songs are (you know who you are), hope you all enjoyed it.


Jessica said...

i introduced u to navi! lmaoxD something i introduced instead of hannah~~

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