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SNSD Jessica feat. Super Junior-M

Ahaha~ I'm kidding about the title, but as all you may know my SNSD bias always prevails when the time is appropriate. And, matter of fact, today it is certainly appropriate due to Super Junior-M's release of their MV for title song 'Super Girl', which also happens to include SNSD's Ice Princess in it as well.

'Super Girl' MV:

Before I get derailed into more Soshi related spaz, I think it's worth noting that Super Junior-M is a 7 member Mandarin-Chinese subset of the popular group, Super Junior. The release of this MV is probably to promote their soon-to-be-released mini album of the same title, coming later this month.

As for my opinion on the video itself, I think it has many borrowed themes both musically and aesthically from their big hit, 'Sorry Sorry', but that doesn't necessarily make it a bad thing. In fact, I did enjoy the MV (and this is not because of Sica mind you); the rhythm was easy to follow and had a really modern feel to it.

It is, however, quite daunting to be listening to Super Junior sing in a language other than Korean.

Source: allkpop


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