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"Telepathy" debuts new album, "Human Evolution"

Amidst the all of those up-and-coming girl groups lately, a new boy group finds just enough breathing room to debut. Under the name 'Telepathy', the four member group have recently released a new MV for their single, 'U.F.O', along with their debut album, 'Human Evolution'.


I'm not too enticed by the names of the members though, the four of them being Suck, Gunwoo, Horsie, and Back. Maybe this randomness was in response to another really obscure group's name, but I don't know.

Anyways, I'm not too excited for this group for some reason. Though their MV is quite unique, I felt like I've heard something like it many times before. As with all new groups though, their success remains to be seen.

Source: allkpop


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