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F(x), G-Dragon Recent Radio Activities

It's always great to see artists participating in radio shows because it's a time when members of the groups can really show off their vocal talents, without the garishness of a live performance. This week, f(x), after debuting only a few days ago, had the opportunity to show up on Sukira Kiss the Radio, which is DJ'ed by none other than fellow SM members Leeteuk and Eunhyuk from Super Junior.

Aside from performing their debut single, LA chA TA (do I really need to write it this way?), f(x)'s Luna covered 'I Have Nothing':

LA chA TA:

The two groups seem to be getting along well, and SuJu's been giving them quite a bit of support lately, which I feel they deserve anyways.

Making allkpop's front page as well, G-Dragon's appearance on Maybee's Raise the Volume is also his first appearance on a radio show as a solo artist. Singing both 'Heartbreaker' and 'A Boy' live, at least he makes it very clear that he doesn't need autotune as a crutch after all.


A Boy:

Well, that's it for radio shows for now, though I have just recently finished watching SNSD on FM4U Dreamy Radio subbed. Some of the most notable highlights has to be Jessica's cover of 'Kiss Me', and SNSD's cover of 'I Have a Lover'.

I'll post part one just in case you're interested:

Credit: ssfsubs (yt)
Source: allkpop(1)(2)


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