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Show! Music Core (September 5th, 2009) - Recap

Well, last night was certainly an entertaining show, but probably not as hyped because of the lack of a G-Dragon performance. MC Yuri made her appearance once again, but this time Fany was no where to be seen (*sigh*), instead replaced with SNSD's Sooyoung and Seohyun. They still had adorable commentary nonetheless.

Probably the most headlining performance of the day was f(x)'s first live performance, and let me be the first to say that they didn't do half bad. Of notable portions, Victoria did a front flip ala their MV, Amber's rapping stole the show, and their singing held up throughout. SM really never does disappoint, and I expect much from f(x) in the future.

Moving along, Kara performed their "Mister", which was a nice change of pace considering the amount of promotion done for "Wanna". 4minute made their first comeback performance on Music Core with "Muzik", which if you overlook the excessive autotune wasn't too bad.

Closing performance was given to Brown Eyed Girls as they did their ever popular "Abracadabra". I'm not sure whether or not Music Core has an award system, but generally those who given the ending act are considered the winners for the night.

Anyways, I'm probably not going to recap all the shows, just this one because of f(x). Maybe when another group debuts I will though.


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