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Epik High [e] Teaser

Okay, ever since writing about Epik High's anticipated release of their [e] album, I felt the need to follow up on that post by posting a couple videos that are sure to build up hype to this impending release.

First off, there's a teaser that I failed to post a week ago (mainly due to school obligations, but that's besides the point here). Although it's difficult for me to find any purpose of this Cloverfield-esque cam other than to incite confusion (and dizziness for that matter), there are a few subtle hints of songs in the album.

Here's the minute-long teaser:

Well a few days later, a more lengthy (and probably more informational) preview was released, this time sans the shaky camera work. Instead, it features Epik High's Tablo briefly showing off the album case and booklet, all the while the album plays in clips of about 3-4 seconds for each track.

And here's the 3-minute-or-so preview:

It really does look like they've put a lot of effort into this monster album, and I definitely can't wait when it comes out on September 16th.

Source: allkpop (1)(2)


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