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SHU-I, HAM Debut Performances

Well, I knew they were going to perform some day, just not where or when. It turns out that the day came quicker than I thought, as the past two days saw the debut of two new groups. First, girl group HAM was served up in both M! Countdown (September 17th) and KBS Music Bank (September 18th), appetizing us with their excessively cheerful song, "T.T Dance".

T.T Dance (M! Countdown):

T.T Dance (KBS Music Bank):

Then new boy group SHU-I exploded from seemingly out of no where to show off their debut single, "Bomb Bomb Bomb", on yesterday's Music Bank as well.

Bomb Bomb Bomb:

I don't dislike any of these groups, and they're actually growing on me since these performances aired. Aside from "T.T Dance" being too J-Pop-esque and Bomb Bomb Bomb being somewhat generic, I'd say they were both decent performances.

Look out for them in the future is all I have to end with, because they do seem promising.

Source: allkpop (1)(2)(3)


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