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Epik High Wannabe MV

As if their previous teasers weren't confusing/funny/dorky enough, Epik High is back with a fresh take on traditional MV conventions (or movie conventions to boot). For "Wannabe", one of their new tracks from their newly released album [e], Tablo and Mithra star in what seems to be a mishmash of Hollywood parodies, to which surprisingly fit well with the music.


I'm not going to lie, this is like a complete 180 from Epik High, considering their previous MVs (for "One", "Fan") featured a more emotional, somber story. Not too sure which direction is better, but they're both awesome in their own sense.

Also, Epik High's most recent comeback performances of "Wannabe" on Countdown and Music Bank:

M! Countdown (September 17th, 2009):

KBS Music Bank (September 18th, 2009):

Source: allkpop(1)(2)


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