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Afreeca Guide

Tired of those lower quality 400k streams? Want to be able to choose what to watch, when you want to watch it? Well if this sounds like you, and what you watch is generally Starcraft, K-Pop shows, and other Korean related stuff, then this guide is for you.

I'll be compiling what I remember from a few other guides today to hopefully make it easier for anyone who wants access to this amazing program.

Brief introduction first; Afreeca is a free Korean streaming program available to anyone so long as they are located in South Korea. It broadcasts most shows that you would commonly see on Korean cable, including gaming, sports, variety shows, dramas, and music shows. Most of the time streams can range from 400k - 2000k, meaning much better quality (almost HD).

All credit for this guide goes to these sources, I merely try to make it more accessible:
MyP2P - (1) (2)

To use the program, first you have to sign up on the Afreeca site:
  • Go to here (preferably on Internet Explorer for compatibility reasons), and click on the button with the circle near the bottom of the page (refer to this screen shot if necessary).
  • Fill out the form according to this.
  • At the next page, tick the box and click the button with the circle. 
Next, log in to Afreeca and install the software:
  • Visit Afreeca's main site.
  • Fill out the first box on the left side panel with your login name.
  • Fill out the box directly below it with your password.
  • Click on the square button to the immediate right to log in (see here if necessary).
  • Click on the blue button on the left of the same panel to install Afreeca (you may need to allow the installation from a bar that pops up on the top of web page for Internet Explorer).
Install TOR to access a Korean proxy (we need this to 'fool' Afreeca in thinking we are in Korea):
  • Download and install the Vidalia bundle here (remember to untick all of the other programs during installation).
  • When the installation finishes, open up the torrc file (found in C:\Documents and Settings\Your Account Name\Application Data\Tor for XP, C:\Users\Your Account Name\AppData\Roaming\Tor for Vista) with notepad (right-click, open with, select notepad).
  • On the very top of the page, add these three lines:
ExitNodes eva
ExitNodes oxyATdual
StrictExitNodes 1
  • Save the file, and start up Tor (default - C:/Program Files/Vidalia Bundle/Tor/Tor.exe). 
  • A black box should pop up, wait a moment for it to eventually say "100%" (if it does not, the servers are not functioning at the time).
 Install Proxifier and configure it to communicate with Afreeca:
  • Download Proxifier here and install it.
  • Download and run the patch here to make it the full version. 
  • Open up Proxifier (default - C:\Program Files\Proxifier\Proxifier.exe).
  • Go to Proxy Settings under the Options tab, and click Add.
  • Type for address, 9050 for port, and tick SOCKS 5 (leave "use authentication unchecked). Click OK when finished.
  • Go to Proxification Rules under the Options tab, make sure "Process only the following..." is checked.
  • Click Add, under Rule Name put "Afreeca", click Add in Applications and find the afreecaplayer.exe (default - C:\Program Files\afreeca\afreecaplayer.exe).
  • Click Add in IP Ranges and put for both First and Last IPs.
  • Under Port Range, put 3456.
Now start up Afreeca from the main site again, log in, and press the blue button. If all is done correctly, it should be working now.

To learn more about what each button in Afreeca actually does, visit this site (if you don't understand Korean already).

When using the search, usually shows are described in their original Hangul, so use my K-Pop guide for more information on the translation (if you want to watch those shows, that is).

Also, another tip for more ease of access. If you don't want to click through all three applications to start up Afreeca, open up notepad and type the following lines:

start "" "C:\Program Files\Vidalia Bundle\Tor\tor.exe"
start "" "C:\Program Files\Proxifier\Proxifier.exe"
start "" "C:\Program Files\afreeca\afreecaplayer.exe"
Of course these are default locations, just locate these files on your computer and it should be fine. Once you have finished that, save it as afreeca.bat. Now once you start up the batch file, all three programs should open and start running.

This concludes the Afreeca guide, once again I must strongly reiterate that this guide has FULL CREDIT to the posts on MyP2P mentioned before, I merely elaborated on several parts and added a few things.

Thank you very much for following through, post if you have any questions/success.

(EDIT: As of now, none of the Korean servers seem to be functioning, I will update this later if they start running properly again.)


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