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Non-Live Professional Starcraft Guide

For those of you who prefer not to stay up until the wee hours in the morning for a bunch of spazzing Korean commentators and are willing to watch them later, this guide is for you (which I assume are most people). Due to SC's resurgence in popularity these past years, there has been many amateur commentators who volunteer time out of their schedules to cast games. Though it's possible that your favorite game is not commentated on, usually you should be able to find most games covered by the commentators available. The source of these casts generally lie with SC2GG, a site with over 15 English commentators on board. Also, there is professional Starcraft commentating available from GOMTV, but only for their particular GOM-sanctioned tournaments.

Here's a list of commentators that I usually follow (linked to their youtube channel):
SC2GG Rise

Dual, triple, and sometimes quad casts are available here:

In case you missed any of the live casts and want to catch up on the games asap (sans English), then check out this channel:


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