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F(x) - Lachata Debut

I don't know about any of you, but I'm pretty excited for the impending debut of SM's new girl group, f(x) (pronounced 'effects'). Today, a new teaser was leaked featuring their new single, 'Lachata', and you can finally get a good look at them (as opposed to last week's teaser).

40s Teaser:

Full Song:

New MV:

Full mp3 version here:

Source: allkpop

They are planning to officially debut on September 2nd at the Seoul Samsung dong Fashion Center at 5:00pm KST (4:00am EST), and later on this week on Show! Music Core, airing Saturday, September 5th at its usual time (refer to my K-Pop schedule for more details).

Those of you interested should drop by the stream at any of those times, as this new group seems quite promising.

EDIT: Sorry, no broadcast on that day so no stream. FULL MV up though.

For more news, profiles on each member, check out these articles on allkpop:
F(x) News


Bah said...

Dude the 40s teaser.. is kinda retarded.. And im pretty sure some of these girls are under under 18.... More like our age... But F (x) is good name :)

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